Online tickets site will be closed Thursday (Nov 31st) Midnight for Sangam’s Thamilar Sangamam event

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Dear Sangam Members and well-wishers:

Sangam on line ticket sales site will be closed at Midnight on Thursday November 31st. We will have limited tickets available at the registration desk. If you are travelling from out of state and have not purchased the tickets by Thursday, please contact event organizers before you start to confirm ticket availability.

Please visit the following web site to purchase tickets via online. [1]

Paper tickets in the east coast can be purchased from the following organizers:
Srihari Sachchi (NJ, NY) - 718-987-7257
Sothi Pathmanathan (NJ)- 732-572-0387
Karthy Vaseekaran (NJ) - 732-609-6453
Pushparany Williams (DC) - 301-938-4065
Seetharam (MA) - 631-974-1484
Haran (NY) - 347-869-8911

Attached is the copy of the flyer for one of the panels

Thanks in advance for your support
Ilankai Tamil Sangam

This email is intended for the recipient only. If you are not the intended recipient please disregard, and do not use the information for any purpose.

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