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Thousands of art forms this earth gave birth to. And if one says
performing arts and folk arts are foremost among them , it certainly
is not an exaggeration .one can even say  that they are the greatest
gifts mother earth gave its sons.

Though in the modern era , performing arts and folk arts have been
subject to denigration and doubt ,while being increasingly placed in
the list of heritages and livelihoods we are losing, it is obvious
that these are the fountainheads of art forms. Today, we find the so
called ‘art’ manufactured in popular media such as cinema and
television, too shallow, notwithstanding the attention these derive
out of contrived advertisements and commercial focusing.

In contrast, performing arts exist in timeless space above the reach
of such corrupt pursuits. They are not something to be brushed aside
as just entertaining forms  like other modern media. These arts are
the fertile soils from which imbibe the values we desperately need for
the changing times; the reminder of motherliness from which  our love
for all things living is reaffirmed ; the bed rock on  which our
rebellious spirit against vehement power structures  are whetted.

Besides , what other form of art can infuse the energy
and exuberance to a toiling worker, at the end of a day. These are
times when only those elite people who have drunk at the springs of
privileged knowledge, are recognized and respected, while the
illiterate artist, who derives his inspiration for his performance
through the windows of keen observation and unfailing tradition is yet
to be accepted as the pioneer of truest art. Which he thoroughly
deserves but has been denied.

This responsibility lies on our
shoulders in this age of complex and cruel politics. Enriching this
art form not only revives our art forms but also ensures that this
intangible heritage is handed down to the next generation as uncorrupt
as possible. With these objectives in mind, kalari heritage and
culture trust is in the effort of making a documentary on the life of
therukoothu/thorpaavai artist mr.ammapettai ganesan. Also, a work
juxtaposing the tales recited by the jester(the prime character of
therukoothu) with the lives of people who don that role has been
documented as a compilation form under the title of sabai alangaram.

light weight stage to enable performances to be conducted in schools
and colleges is being built. For all these works requiring
considerable financial expenditure, a draft of the estimates has been
enclosed below. Friends are requested with everlasting love to donate
their willing contribution towards this undertaking.


Mu harikrishnan

Editor, manal veedu

p.s ;please pay to the below given bank account.

Kalari heritage and charitable trust.

a/c no.31467515260

sb account

state bank of india

mecheri branch

branch code-12786

estimates for the expenditure

for the documentary on ammapettai ganesan

Panasonic mini tv 3ctc type camera

10 days rent (including camera stand, 2 mikes and the salary of the
cameraman)-50,000 rupees

Cassette-panansonic professional- rs.2000

Dubbing for the whole movie- rs.7500

Editing- rs.20,000

First copy-rs 2500

Back ground score – rs 5000

Cover design and stickers- rs.12500

Dvd writing for 1000 copies- rs 15, 000

Sony dvd – 1000 copies- rs 15000

Transport- rs.2500

Total- 1,32,000

For sabai alangaram- thousand copies

Book size-1/8 demmy size

70 gsm 16ream – rs 9600

Typeset, layout, polymers- rs 9000

Proof reading – rs 3000

Front cover(color)  designing and printing – 10,000

Binding- 7000

Total- 38600

For the stage


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    நல்ல காரியம். பாராட்டுக்கள்.

    தமிழுக்கான ஒரு நல்ல வேலைகுறித்துத் தமிழில் எழுதி இருந்தால் பொருத்தமாக இருந்திருக்குமோ ?

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    தமிழுக்கான இந்தப் பணி குறித்து இதே இதழில் தமிழிலும் மண்ணில் ஜனித்த கலைகள் என்ற தலைப்பில் வெளியாகியுள்ளது.

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